Our Story

As a former dry-wall contractor owner, our founder created SAMSON from the perspective of a commercial contractor in the construction industry—a more efficient way to manage man day spending and cost.

As our platform was innovated, we considered all the industries possible for man day management and labor tracking—understanding that the construction industry was falling behind in time management. 

Our Solution

We know that having complete control over allotted man days is essential for contractors. We provide the best solution for contractors in any field, giving you the ability to adjust and see real numbers on a daily basis with your team! 

Here is how we help our clients save money:

  1. Day to Day Paper Work
  2. Early capturing of Budget Mistakes
  3. Selecting the correct performing sub-contractor and much more! 

The future of time management is just a click away, don’t miss out.


Salomon E. Paredes.         

President of Samson Technologies                                                                                      LinkedIn Profile

Years of Experience Combined

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