Like when creating a Floor and Man Days, you must go to the Select a Project module, select the project and once on the dashboard go to the Project Activities> Add / Edit Daily Labor section. Once in the Daily Labor, you will be shown a form with the following fields:

Field Employee: Here you must select the employee you wish to designate for this work.

Floor / Phase: Select the floor where the work will take place.

Man Day Schedule: Select the task to be performed.

Type of Work: Here are three options to choose from; Contract, Ticket, Change.

Production by Man Day: Specify the production number per Man Day. After this we have to specify if it is Office or Field work and to finish the start and end date. You can also add additional notes.

It is important to note that in order to carry out this process, you must previously have added at least 1 floor and 1 Man Days.

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