The first thing to do is go to the Company module – Create a New Company. The view to create a new company is divided into two segments:

A. General information

B. Location Information

General Information: This segment is composed of 8 fields, where detailed information of the company to be registered in the system, such as, Company Name, EDF, CEO Name, Email, President Name, Website URL ( This field is not mandatory), CBE, Telephone number (this field is not mandatory).

Location Information: This segment is made up of 7 fields, where information on the location of the company is detailed, such as: ext. Number, state, city, zip code, address, country, company logo image.

After carrying out the registration process of the company, the data is sent, sending an error message in case there is any and highlighting in which field the error has occurred, if there is no error, the data will be created. new company and will redirect to the Company – Select Company module.

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