The first step is to go to the Contractor Module – Create.

The view of creating a contractor is divided into 5 parts:

  • General information.
  • Contact information.
  • Location Information.
  • Contractor Summary.
  • Notes.

General information: In this segment the main details of the contractor are specified, in the first field select your company, or by default it must be selected; The name of the president, the name of the contractor and the name of the executive director are the remaining fields, it should be noted that all these fields are mandatory.

Contact information: This segment specifies the necessary data for when it is required to contact said contractor, its fields are: telephone number, email (mandatory field), external telephone number and website.

Location information: This segment contains all the information about the contractor’s address, its fields are: Country (Required field), State (Required field), City, Postal code (Required field) and address.

Summary: In this part of the registration of a new contractor we only have one field, where it will be placed as its name is indicated by a summary of said contractor, with the proposal to know specifically its form of work.

Notes: Already to finish, additional descriptions are placed for the contractor. Then, when completing the registration process, the data will be sent, detect an error when displaying an error on the screen, highlight the fields where the errors are found, do not have any type of error, also show a message in the screen indicating that the Contractor has been created successfully, after this it will be redirected to the board, where contractor data and options are displayed, such as the creation of employees or the list of employees.

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