The first step is to go to the employees – Office Employees – New.

The view to add a new employee is composed of 3 segments:

  • General information.
  • Location Information.
  • Notes on the employee.

General Information: In this segment the personal information of the employee is detailed in the following fields: company, Employee Category, first name, Last Name, Cell Phone, email and finally a password, it is noteworthy, that all these fields are mandatory.

Location information: In this segment the employee’s location information is provided, in the following fields: Country, State, City, Postal Code and Address.

Notes on the employee: Additional information on the employee is also selected if you are an office or field worker.

Completing the employee’s record, the data is sent to the server, returning a message in case of error and highlighting the fields where these errors are found, if there are no problems, the employee will be created successfully.

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