The first step is to go to the Project module – Create New Project.

The view of creating a contractor is divided into 5 parts:

  • General information.
  • Location Information.
  • Other information.
  • Contact information.
  • Project summary.
  • Notes Information.

General Information: This segment specifies the main data of the project, such as: Company, Project Name, Category, Cost, Contractor and employment number; it is noteworthy that all these fields are mandatory.

Location Information: This segment details the place where the project will be carried out, specifying the following data: Country (Required Field), State (Required Field) city, Postal Code (Required Field) and address. Other Information: this segment details the start and end date of the project (both mandatory fields), Complexity, Cloud File and Photo.

Contact Information: In this segment the company email, website url, telephone number and extension will be provided, these fields are not mandatory.

Project Summary: In this segment it has only one field, where an explanation of the project to be executed is provided, this field is not mandatory.

Notes Information: This segment has two fields: Notes, where additional information about the project and type of cost is placed, which is a drop-down menu with 3 options; Regular Cost, Salary Scale and Real Wage, this field is mandatory.

After completing the registration process, the data is sent, if an error occurs, an error will be displayed on the screen, also highlighting the fields where the errors are found, if there is no error, a message will also be displayed in screen indicating that the Project has been created successfully, after this you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you will be shown contractor data and options such as creating employees or list of employees.

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