This option is found in the module Project Management> Reports> Employee Reprimand, will help us to prepare a warning for employees, we just have to click on create and fill out the form where we will specify the following:

1. Name of the project: Specify the project.

2. Field Employee: Select the employee that will be reprimanded.

3. Date Reported: Date of the fault committed.

4. Job Name: Specify the work performed by the employee at the time of committing the fault.

5. List of Reasons: List of options where we can mark reasons why the employee is being reprimanded.

6. Other Reason: Specify the other type of reason that is not specified in the list. After this, the report will be generated, which we can convert to PDF to print quickly.

7. Action taken: The decision taken on the case is detailed.

8. Action type: Specified what type of action was taken

9. Comeback date: The date on which the employee can return to normal work is specified.

10. Witness: If there is a witness, his name is submissive.

11. Notes: Additional case data is collected.

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