The Ultimate Contractor Solution

Being completely aware and in control of your budgeted Man Days is a crucial part of being a contractor.

We provide the best solution for contractors in any field, giving you the ability to adjust and see real numbers on a daily basis with your team!

Budgeted Man-Days vs. Cost

Are you ready to say goodbye to Excel?

It’s time for an upgrade!

Samson lets you filter and select specific dates on your graphs to show precise actions taken in reference to activities and budget.

Man Day Schedules

One of the most powerful tools we have to offer is our Man Day Scheduling system.

You can add your budgeted Man Days directly or import them from Sage and Edge.

Harness the power of visualizing Man Days by Floor, Labor Type, Cost Per Hour, Labor Code, Code Material, Spent and Remaining Budget with actual rates for employees.

Activity Schedule & Tracking 

We give you the convenience of seeing so many features, right at your fingertips.

You can access activities performed, specified by floor and phase, labor category, exact hours, spent Man Day budget, production expectations and actual daily productions.

Start and end dates for certain time periods can be selected as well. 

You can export, print, and review all on one device!

“Samson” Mobile App

Every day, Foremen, Field Superintendents and Project managers get prepared for 2 very important moments during the day: checking an employee in and out, along with being able to track where, when and what is being performed.

The Samson app mobilizes your team with a QR code for the Employee Sign-In Sheet where they define the floor, labor category and cost code associated.

At the end of the day, the supervisor checks the person out with the QR code to distribute hours and production correctly. All this information goes back to the cloud and puts live data in your hands. 

Many remember the days with Nextel phones, radios and flip phones to communicate.

Now with Samson, we are able to use technology to save your team time, money and effort.

Our app is able to save you 1/3 of the review and administrative time spent daily, in field and in office!

Project Management

RFI Manager

Activity Manager

Issue Tracking

Man Day Scheduling

Daily Labor Entries

Cost Code Production


Safety Reports

Job Hazard Analysis

Weekly Tool Box Talks

Field Management

QR Code Check In/Check Out

Field Reports

Daily Job Progress Reports

Weekly Time Sheet

Equipment & Tool Registry

Employee Reprimand Reports

Finance Module

Cost Budget Report

Purchase Orders

Time Cards

Time and Material Reports

Work Authorization Reports & Invoicing

Implementation and Support

Our commitment to our users includes 100% implementation. Our offices open at 5 AM eastern time as we know the  construction industry starts early. Our support lines are open for training and support. 

Get Samson Certified

Want your employees to be Samson Certified? Come to our office or we fly to you for $1,499 per day + Travel Cost. We provide 8 Hr. sessions to your whole team! Minimum 2 days. 

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